The LT360-TC battery discharge tester will provide the operator with accurate battery discharge testing and ease of operation.  Key Benefits- $375 for LT360-LC model (36 volt 75 Amp low cost model, BEST VALUE)

- Single voltage 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt

- Dual voltage 48 or 36 volt, 36 or 24 volt, 24 or 12 volt available, call for pricing

- Constant current regulated to +- 1A on 75A and 56A models (not available on -LC (low cost) models).

- Automatic Temperature Correction (only on -TC models)

- Powered by batteries being tested. No AC power required.

- 3 digit LED display of battery voltage and run time.

- 100 mV display resolution.

- Over temperature protection.

- 6 minute individual battery test mode.

- Audio warning when discharge test is complete or tester malfunction.

- 1 year warranty.


LT60 75A constant current, battery powered $450

12V, 25A, constant current (call for pricing)

36V, 75A, low cost unit $375.00 US User's manual

LT480-LC 48V, 56A, low cost unit $400.00 US

LT360-TC 36V, 75A, constant current, temperature adjusted results $425.00 US User's manual

LT480-TC 48V, 56A, constant current, temperature adjusted results $450.00 US User's manual

DLT4836-TC Dual voltage 36V 75A, 48V 56A, constant current, temperature adjusted results $595.00 US

Plus sales tax (if applicable) and shipping.

Other voltage and amperage configurations available. Call or email us for pricing.  Contact us: Contact

Request Information: http://www.cofko.com/8922inforequest.html

Note: BC-5000, BC-6000, BC-7000, BC-8000, and BC-9000 are available only through our distributors Advanced Power Products and Concorde Battery Corporation.